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Program: Tutorial on theory of symmetry in magnetic crystals 2022

Speaker: Libor Šmejkal (JGU Mainz)
Monday, 07 March 2022: Theory
14:00 - 16:30 online, GU Frankfurt (Phys 02.116 a+b) 1. Group theory and anti-symmetry
2. Magnetic crystals
3. Relativistic theory
3.a Magnetic groups of type I, II, III and IV: ferromagnets and compensated magnets
4. Nonrelativistic theory
4.a Nonmagnetic, collinear, noncollinear and noncoplanar: ferromagnets, conventional antiferromagnets and unconventional antiferromagnets ("altermagnets")
Tuesday, 08 March 2022: Applications
14:00 - 16:30 online, GU Frankfurt (Phys 02.116 a+b) 1. Applications to electronic band structures (CuMnAs,EuCd2As2,MnBi2Te4,RuO2,Mn3Sn,Mn3Ir)
1.a Dirac quasiparticles, magnetic topological insulators and symmetry indicators (relativistic)
1.b Spin-polarisation and spin-momentum locking (nonrelativistic)
1.c Kagome lattice example
2. Applications to transport effects (Mn3Sn,Mn2Au,RuO2, MnTe)
2.a Response functions, linear and nonlinear response
2.b Berry curvature effects (relativistic)
2.c Spin conductivity and giant magnetoresistance (nonrelativistic)